Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron is not happy with the performance of Malacca United and threatened to resign as Malacca United Soccer Association (Musa) president. Pix by MUHAMMAD ZUHAIRI ZUBER.

MALACCA: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron today threatened to resign as Malacca United Soccer Association (Musa) president over the team's dismal performance in the Malaysian Super League (MSL).

Languishing in the relegation zone after 10 matches in their debut season in the top tier, the Malacca outfit is said to be rife with internal issues that have seen the team falter, despite a promising outlook, with strong backing from the state government.

But the team, coached by Englishman Eric Williams, now find themselves with just two wins and three draws and sit in 10th, just a point above the relegation zone.

"If the team doesn't display good performances, I could lose confidence as president. Let others speculate on what I will do. I might even resign as president," said Idris, after chairing the state executive committee meeting at his office, yesterday.

"As president, I am really disappointed with the performances. Malacca should not become the whipping boys in the league. But that has happened and the team is facing a president who is losing confidence and people will speculate," he added.

Malacca went through a total revamp after winning the Premier League title last year, retaining just eight of their 30-man squad and replacing Mat Zan Mat Aris with Williams, a move which split the team's fanbase, as the former had earned his popularity for steering the team to consecutive promotions.

"If this escalates, I will let go. Leave them to their own devices. As president, I have helped a lot. I have brought in the sponsors. So, when the team doesn't perform, I am stating my disappointment," said Idris.

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