Don’t ‘sweep in your old troubles’ with the broom from your last house. It is cheap to get a new one.
Moving house is never easy as there are so many things to consider for a healthy and prosperous living.
Don’t move when renovations are still on-going.
On the day of moving, turn on the stove and cook something of great significance that symbolises success.
Switch on all the lights before moving in to signify a bright and prosperous future for the family members.
Place fresh flowers and fruits to welcome your arrival.
Look at the lunar calendar or consult a feng shui expert for a suitable date to move house.

Moving house is never easy as there are so many things to do. While you can hire movers, they will not necessarily solve all your problems!

Ask anyone and they will tell you that moving house is one of the most stressful things to do.

The first thing to know is not to leave things until the last minute or you will live to regret it.

The Chinese have a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to major events like moving house.

“The energy of all past events that happened in the space you are buying will still linger inside and you don’t want to be there or get in the way. Cleansing of the house is important regardless of whether you are buying a newly developed property, or one that has been in the market for many years.

“A space or house has memories which must be cleared before anyone moves in so they can start fresh. Open all the doors and windows, burn incense sticks, light up candles, chant or say a prayer. Some will go to the extent of calling a priest to cleanse the house,” said a feng shui expert.

If you believe in house moving rules and regulations, here are a few tips for you:

1. Selecting a good date is a MUST

You must choose a good date for moving house by looking at the lunar calendar. Otherwise, consult a feng shui expert and get a date that is good for house moving. Some even consider the timing to be as equally important. It is advisable to move house in the morning because any timing before noon is considered “yang”, while after 12 noon is considered as “yin”.

2. New house must be blessed with bright lighting

The lights in the house or apartment should be switched on for continuous three days before moving in. This process signifyies a bright and prosperous future for the family members, while at the same time, it will remove the existing negative energy in the property.

3. Open all the doors and windows

Open all the doors and windows to let the air flow through and spread positive energy. Do this to also encourage natural light.

4. Turn on the stove

On the day when you are moving in, turn on the stove. The Chinese, who follow feng shui rules and regulations when it comes to moving house, will usually cook dumpling or sweet tea to symbolise success.

5. Be there when moving in

It is best if you are there (you new home) when the moving takes place. This is to protect your own wealth and assets. Don’t get someone else in your place.

6. Pregnant lady to stay away from moving

If there is a pregnant lady in your house, get her to stay elsewhere temporarily like her parent’s place or with her siblings while the moving takes place. This is to avoid any mishaps during her pregnancy.

7. Avoid renovations

Don’t move in when renovations are ongoing. Try to get the work all done few weeks before you move in. By then the dust would have settled and the place cleaned.

8. Welcoming move

Prepare for the move by placing welcoming items in the home, such as fresh flowers, fruits, plants and scent. Plants with round leaves are especially good for promoting prosperity

9. Get a new broom and mop

Don’t “sweep in your old troubles” with the broom from your last house. Get a new broom and also a new mop to start fresh.

10. Unpack quickly

Don’t leave boxes and loose items lying around for so long. Unpack quickly and store away items that you don’t intend to use. Arrange all the furniture and put everything in place as neatly as possible. After all, a new home, new space, new arrangement can bring a new meaning to life.

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