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“BULLYING is never acceptable. It’s hurtful and part of a cycle of aggressive behaviour. Bullies are not strong — they’re violent and weak.

“Bullying often starts at childhood. It was indicated that what happened to T. Nhaveen is the result of years of systematic provocation.

“Bullying others because they appear ‘different’ is especially wrong. Children perceived to have a gender identity different from what is seen as the norm are especially at risk and need to be protected.

“Bullying kills - it shatters human lives and tears apart the social fabric. It goes against Malaysian values of tolerance and understanding.

“Do not turn a blind eye on bullying. It can and should be stopped. If you witness a bullying incident, do not keep quiet. Report immediately. Speak out before it’s too late.”


United Nations Children’s Fund
representative in Malaysia

“A STRONG support system is so important, especially peer to peer because most victims won’t go to counsellors, friends or parents. It’s good when kids start talking about bullying so that they don’t feel alone.

“They need to know that there’s somebody to help them. These days both parents are working so it’s more challenging for children, those days there was a whole ‘village’ system.

“As a society we should be asking why there is so much anger. Where are bullies learning all these methods of bullying from?”


Childline Malaysia honorary project

“RESEARCH has shown that our capacity to empathise with someone diminishes if we consider them different from us. We’re more likely to identify with people who we can relate to.

“Educators and parents must teach children how to accept others and embrace diversity. This is even more important in the Malaysian social landscape with various cultures and subcultures.

“Schools should adopt anti-bullying stance that have clear processes on how bullying issues will be dealt with. There should also be grievance channels, open communication and counselling sessions for all parties involved, as well as mechanisms to curb.

“Bullying is a learned behaviour, something seen at home from a parent, an older sibling or relative or any other older role-model such as teachers, guardians or coaches,”



“I BELIEVE social media can be a platform that encourages bullying. Lack of supervision and education on the usage of social media may contribute to incidences of bullying.

“As a society, we ultimately need to work towards creating a culture of openness, respect and empathy. Parents aren’t the only role models for their children, we are all role models for the younger generation.

“If we use foul language, are aggressive and quick to disrespect another person, they will grow up thinking it is an acceptable way of life. We need to demonstrate values that are crucial in today’s world – inclusiveness, tolerance, and acceptance.”


Rekindle Therapy clinical

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