Inspired by style icons of the 1960s and ’70s, Maatin Shakir’s latest collection also embraces sustainability elements and societal unity, writes Nadia Badarudin

MAATIN Shakir’s latest creations, The Ritual, is a playback of 1960s and ’70s chic and effortless looks and spirit.

Black and white form the main palette in The Ritual. (Picture credit: Maatin Shakir)

Black and white form the main palette in The Ritual. (Picture credit: Maatin Shakir)

The collection also comprises sweet halterneck sundresses, loose-cut blouses in subtle flower-power print and a cropped, long-sleeved top paired with flared jeans.

“The Ritual is indeed the ’60s and ’70s revisited,” says Maatin, who began to carve his name in the local fashion scene with women’s shoes and women’s wear in 2014.

“The inspirations came from style icons such as British model Twiggy, American singer Stevie Nicks and American actress and model Edie Sedgwick,” he says.

The pieces in the collection are made from upcycled deadstock fabrics, including washed denim and printed canvas. (Picture credit: Maatin Shakir)


The Ritual was also borne out of Maatin’s desire to portray the uniqueness of a multi-layered community, or nation. Colours, in particular, reflect the designer’s serious take on social issues.

The collection features white and black as the main colour palette. “I use black and white to express my frustration on some common issues highlighted by the international media such as the struggles of the black community in a seemingly white-centric industry.

He continues, “Being raised in a multi-racial country like ours, I’m sensitive about such issues. I believe societal inequality can be overcome by understanding and embracing the uniqueness and differences in individuals and ethnicities. Only through tolerance can we live in unity, peace and freedom.”

Twiggy-inspired creation by the Sarawakian designer. (Picture credit: Maatin Shakir)


Having collaborated with ethical fashion retailer Biji-biji Ethical Fashion in the past year, Maatin continues to raise awareness of sustainable and ethical fashion through the materials used in The Ritual.

Sustainability elements are apparent — in the form of upcycled deadstock fabrics (unsold fabrics that are in store for four years and unsold due to minor defects) including washed denim and printed canvas.

The price range for The Ritual is between RM249 and RM599. Visit for details.

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