Rubbish is strewn all over the place in Pulau Warisan, Kuala Terengganu. Pic by MOHD SYAFIQ RIDZUAN AMBAK

BREAKING fast picnic-style has long been a trend and Pulau Warisan in Kuala Terengganu is a favourite spot.

Many families would buy food and drinks from the nearby Ramadan bazaar and find a spot on the field facing Sungai Terengganu, and wait for maghrib to break fast.

However, plastic and polystyrene containers left behind after breaking fast are turning the scenic spot into an eyesore.

Shop assistant Suhana Ismail said the public should be more civic-minded and dispose of rubbish properly.

“Several bins are placed in the area for people to throw rubbish but most of them leave it scattered around the place, hoping the cleaners would clear it.

“I hope the local council will monitor this situation and curb the litterbugs.”



The Kuala Terengganu City Council urges people who break fast at the location to dispose of rubbish responsibly.

Its spokesman said bins had been placed in the area, but some litterbugs threw rubbish around the area.

“This is a daily occurrence during Ramadan.

“We hope the public will cooperate and throw used polystyrene containers into the bins.

“Rubbish is collected regularly by the contractor appointed by the council.”

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